5 Ideas for Marketing Meditation Classes

Getting people to your meditation classes can be a tricky one. Especially in the beginning. I run my own meditation studio and had success bringing in people to our meditation classes. I want to share my marketing meditation tips with you.

The best way to market a meditation class is to offer something unique. Start with providing a meditation class that is different from others. You can do that by providing meditation classes in a new area, or you can do that by providing meditation classes for a new audience.  

I experimented with marketing for my own meditation studio and want to share my findings with you.

5 Ways to Market your Meditation Classes

1. Facebook groups

This is great because it’s free! Search for Facebook groups where you can find potential class participants. For example, “yoga *your city*” might be a good place to start. When posting in the group, make it personal. Explain why you started the meditation class and who you think will benefit from it.

2. Facebook Ads

If you cant does them yourself, ask someone to help you out. The good thing with Facebook ads is that you can target precisely the people you want to participate in your meditation classes. My meditation studio targets men between the ages of 20 and 65+ who live in Gothenburg, Sweden, and who are interested in Yoga, meditation, or similar. Don’t sell the course to everyone. Make your audience feel special. The Facebook ad itself does not have to be complicated, take a good photo, or use Shutterstock and describe the benefits with your meditation class and who’s it for.

3. Instagram Ads

This is pretty much a copy cat from Facebook Ads. Instagram Ads are produced from the Facebook platform. Instagram is more focused on pictures, so make sure that you have great pictures if you want to market on Instagram.

4. LinkedIn

If you’re on LinkedIn, it’s actually a great way to market your meditation classes. Chances are that you have a lot of connections that are interested in meditation. I’ve had great success in getting people to our classes just by posting organic on LinkedIn. Write from your heart and tell people a story. Why did you get into meditation, and why do you want others to benefit from it? It will work. Try it!

5. PR – Radio and Local Newspaper

Does anyone listen to the radio or read the newspaper these days? Believe it or not, but yes, people do! Our meditation studio made it to both the local newspaper and the radio station. Our meditation studio is for men only, which made it interesting for the media. Other meditation studios get attention by telling the story of the founders. Getting published in old media gives you well-needed authority. Find your angel and make it to your local newspaper and radio.

Picture from one of our meditation classes.

How Much Does it Cost to Market Meditation Classes?

To market your mediation classes, in the beginning, can be a little bit more expansive since no one knows about you. As a rule of thumb, we usually put about 5% of the meditation course revenue into marketing for that specific course. We typically charge $200 for a meditation course with 7 classes, and each class has 20 participants. That’s a total of $4000 in income, which gives us $200 to play within marketing. That’s not a lot, and in the beginning, I should probably suggest that you spend like 10% of your revenues on marketing to get your voice out there. We put most of our marketing efforts into Facebook Ads since we see great results from it. 

How To Market Meditation Classes With no Money?

This might actually be a good idea because if you succeed with this, you know that you have a smash hit. This is precisely what I should do to market a meditation class with no money:

  1. Choose a small niche for your meditation class. For example, start a meditation class for athletes, for pregnants, for kids… you get it.
  2. Ask 10 of your friends if they know someone who would benefit from meditation and offer the first class for free. 
  3. Tell the first-class participants that they can continue the course if they bring in a friend that pays for the course
  4. Ask for testimonials from your first course participants. Put them on your website and use them in your Social Media postings. It gives you credibility and trustworthiness.
  5. Post in Facebook groups with members that might be interested. 

It’s in the beginning when you start your meditation studio, you can be really personal with the participants. Take your time to talk to them and make them feel comfortable. Chances are that you won’t have that time in the future when your classes grow.

As soon as you made your first paying customers, you can put some of it aside for marketing the next course. 

What Kind of Website Do I Need for my Meditation Studio?

If you’re in it for the long run, I would really recommend you pay a freelancer for creating your website (if you can’t do it yourself, of course). We did precisely that from the start, and it helped us get a good approach right from the beginning. People might be hesitant to start meditation, and a great website helps. 

The prices for hiring a freelancer for creating a quite simple meditation website range between $500 – $2000, I would say. 

If you have some web design skills and would like to make a website yourself, I recommend Squarespace. The platform is great for beginners and has excellent visuals. 

How Much Money Can you Make on Meditation Classes?

It depends on the size of your meditation studio. Our studio sits 20 people, and we charge about $30 for each class. That’s $600 in income per class. After we paid for instructors, marketing, and rent, it’s about $300 left. Not a lot, but HEY! It’s pretty nice to get paid for doing something that benefits others. If you have a big meditation studio, you can do a lot more. 

Other ways of earning money than physical meditation classes are taking them online, of course. Keep in mind that the competition for online meditation classes can be stiff. 

Another option is to provide meditation retreats. Retreats are blooming, and who does not need to leave the busy city life for a couple of days of relaxation? Start with providing your existing class participants a small retreat and see if it is something you enjoy. 

How to Grow Your Meditation Studio?

Okey. So you got people to your first meditation class. Now what? You want to grow your meditation studio and bring in even more people.

Once again, the most important thing is to provide great meditation classes. Don’t forget that is the reason for your participation in joining your classes. The next question to ask is why people come to your classes. It might be more reasons than just the meditation itself. 

When we asked our first participants what they liked with our classes, a lot of them answered that they felt a feeling of community and belonging. That’s why we decided to build a community online. We started out with a simple Facebook group and quickly grew to over 100 members. The most positive thing about having a community is that members start to help each other out. 

One time one of our participants shared with the group that he was going to meet his ex-girlfriend next weekend and that he felt really nervous about it. The week after, one of the members of our group tells the story that one of or other group members had reached out to offer his support for the one in need. That made us really glad.

To grow or community, we started to offer other activities outside the meditation studio. For example, we provided organic wine tastings and hikes. 


  • Facebook groups are a great way to market your meditation classes for free.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads are great ways to market meditation classes since you can target precisely the people you want to participate in your course.
  • It’s easier to market a meditation class that stands out. You can offer meditation classes in a new location or to a new group of people.

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