How to Start a Meditation Business With no Money

Are you thinking about starting your own meditation business? That might be a great idea since meditation is growing faster than ever. I started my first meditation business in 2018 and know exactly how to start a meditation business without any big investment.

How to start a meditation business with no money? You can start your own meditation business without any big investment. Start by arranging a class once a week, pay an instructor for leading the class, and rent space in an existing meditation studio. That’s exactly what I did for my meditation business in the first years.

There are two keys for starting a meditation business with no money:

  1. Find great meditation instructors
  2. Get people to attend your classes

I will show you exactly how to accomplish this.

5 simple steps for starting a meditation business with no experience

  1. Get a mentor that has experience in starting a business (if you haven’t)
  2. Hire an instructor (if you will not be the instructor yourself)
  3. Hire a local yoga studio once a week
  4. Promote your meditation class to friends and on Facebook and Instagram
  5. Ask for feedback from your first participants, learn and improve

The reason that you can actually start a meditation business with no experience is that you can partner with other people that have just that experience.

You can hire meditation teachers to lead your classes and get a mentor that has experience from running a business.

There are two keys to running a successful meditation business. You need to provide great classes and for that, you need a good instructor. If you’re not an instructor yourself you can hire someone that teaches your classes. I found several teachers for my courses by just asking for them in Facebook groups. Try it.

If you have no experience of starting a business it’s a good idea to partner with a person thas has that experience. Get either a mentor or a business partner that can help you. I co-founded my meditation business with great partners and I think its much more fun to run my business with others than running it alone.

Now, that you have people with experience around you the next part is to get people to your classes. Something that I have a lot of experience in since I’m running my own meditation business and since I’m working in digital marketing.

When I started my meditation business our first goal was to get 15 attendees to the first class. It’s a great idea to start out small. The key to getting people to your classes is to provide something that others can’t. For example, if you provide you meditation classes in a neighborhood that hadn’t got any classes before, that’s great. It means that you now provide a new service to the people in that neighborhood.

The way we made sure that we provided something that others couldn’t is because we started a meditation studio for men only. Mental health is a big issue for men and we wanted to tackle that issue by starting a meditation studio. It worked out great since we didn’t really have any competitors in our town. Of course, there were other meditation studios, but no studio that only attracted men.

By providing something unique and truly great you will get people to your classes without slashing thousands of dollars in marketing.

But even if you provide a great and unique service, marketing is needed. For our meditation business, we build a brand on Facebook, Instagram, and by getting PR in local press/radio.

Your experience will grow rapidly and before you know it you will be an experienced meditation business owner.

How to get your first clients for your meditation business

Without clients, there is no business.

Our first poster for our very first meditation class was not beautiful, but it helped us get our first clients. We posted it on Facebook and send it to friends. That’s actually a great way to start. It costs no money and is often a good indicator of measuring the need for what you’re creating.

If you can find 10 people for your first mediation class you have a business. Focus on making their experience a really good one. The effect is that they then tell their friends and someone might be interested in joining your next class.

We started a Facebook group for or participants already before the first class. That’s a great way of discussing with your participant and creating a sense of community.

How much money it costs to start a meditation business

It does not have to cost a lot to start a meditation business.

You can rent a local yoga studio once a week for $200 – $1000 / month depending on location. For that price meditation pillows from the studio should be included which means that you don’t have to buy anything yourself.

Costs for paying a meditation teacher for 4 classes a month varies between $200 – $1000 / month depending on their experience. You might get experienced teachers for a low cost if you let them promote their own classes to your participants. It’s a win-win. Meditation teachers often provide personal training for students.

Put $100 a month into marketing and you could probably have your first meditation business up and running for just $500 / month including costs for the studio and your instructor. Of course, it’s more expensive if you live in NY for example but u get the point. Start small!

If you want to start a mediation business with no money write to 100 people and tell them about your class instead of putting money into marketing.

How much money can you make on a meditation business?
Meditation studios often charge between $10 – $30 / class.

For example if you run one class a week and pays an instructor and a studio.

Participants: $20 x 20 = $400 / class
Meditation teacher: $80 / class
Yoga studio: $160 / class
Marketing: $25 / class

Revenues / month: $1600
Costs / month: $1060
Profit / month: $540

Ideas for other types of meditation businesses

If you do not want to start your own meditation studio or physical classes there are also three other major opportunities.

Online meditation business

You can start a meditation business online or you can start a meditation business for companies.

Meditation courses online are growing rapidly and in fact, Headspace was the most popular app in the AppStore in 2018. You will face stiff competition if you start a meditation business online but if you are a great instructor or if you pay a great instructor for leading your classes you might actually stand a chance of succeeding.

Meditation for companies

Another meditation business you could start is a meditation company that specializes in corporate meditation. Several companies are happy that their employees engage in meditation to boost general wellbeing and productivity. By providing your services to companies you could probably charge more.

Meditation retreats

Meditation retreats are big business. You don’t have to fly all the way to India to find a good retreat these days. There are meditation retreats all over the world. If you like arranging events chances are that you might be the perfect person for running a meditation retreat business.

The competition might be stiff so you could either try to establish a meditation retreat for a new geographical market or you can try to establish a retreat for a new target group, for example, a meditation retreat for startup founders.

Meditation retreats can vary from cheap and simple with people staying in tents in the forrests to luxury meditation in castles.

A good idea is to visit several meditation retreats before you start running your own.


Starting a meditation business with no experience is fully possible. Team up with people with experience and start of small by renting a yoga studio and you’re pretty much good to go. Get people to your classes by either focusing on a new target market or by providing your services in a new geographic area. If you do that you will not face stiff competition and your meditation business has a greater chance of flourishing.

I started my meditation business Rise Studios in Sweden in 2018.

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