The Meditation Center Business Plan – 7 Simple Steps

A lot of questions rose when we started our own meditation center. Before opening your own meditation center, it’s a great exercise to create a simple business plan. I’m gonna show you how to do exactly that.

A business plan for a meditation center answer the following questions:

  • What type of classes and services will your meditation center offer?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who will be your customers?
  • How will you get people to your classes?
  • How will you run your center day-to-day?
  • How will you fund your center?

The fact is that you can create a business plan for a meditation center in no time following 7 simple steps. 

How to Create a Business Plan for a Meditation Center in 7 Steps

Answer the following questions short and concise on a single paper, and you will have a business plan that is perfect for your business.

1. Vision and Goals for Your Business

What do you want to achieve with your business? What are your goals for the company? Write it down and keep it simple. 

1. Meditation Industry Overview and Competitors

Start out with some simple research about the meditation industry. What other meditation centers are there in your town? What kind of classes do they teach? This is important because you don’t want to start a meditation center that is exactly like your competitors. Maybe you want to start a meditation center in a new geographic area, or perhaps you want to offer new kinds of meditation techniques in your classes.

2. Customer Analysis

Who are your customers? If you can pick and choose who will attend your classes? It’s a great idea since it’s hard to compete with meditation classes that are for everyone. You can also serve different classes to different groups of people. For example, you can have one course for moms, one course for kids, and so on. 

3. Classes, services, and products

Which types of classes and techniques will you teach in your mediation center? Make a list of courses and classes that you want to offer. Besides meditation classes, are there other types of services that you want to provide at your center? For example, your meditation center might want to arrange retreats. Are you going to sell products at your meditation center? What kind of products are you going to provide?

4. Marketing Plan

How till you get people to your meditation center? Keep this one really simple. For your first classes, keep it simple. Ask friends for people that you think would like your classes and post in Facebook groups. Here are 5 marketing ideas for your meditation classes.

5. Operations

This is an important one. Who will take care of the facility? Who will open the doors in the mornings, clean it, and close doors at night? Will you teach all the classes yourself, or will you hire teachers? Make a simple schedule for a typical week at your meditation center.

6. Financial Projections

How till you fund your meditation center? Will you get a loan at your bank? Will you get investors, or will you fund it by yourself? List all the costs for the first year at the center, including salaries, rent, material, marketing, and other expenses. Now go ahead and do the same thing with revenues. How many courses will you teach at your center? How much will each participant pay? Subtract costs, and you have an idea about your potential profit for the center.

Answer the questions stated above on one paper. You don’t need long, in-depth answers. 

Photo from one of our meditation classes.

Why Do You Need a Business Plan?

To be honest. Chances are that you will not look at your business plan to many times after you created it. But it really is a useful exercise since it’s the same thing as creating a plan for your meditation center. 

A business plan makes you outline the most critical parts of your business. It can be great to show investors, partners that you want to get on board, or maybe teachers that you will hire. A business plan takes you closer to your dream. Don’t be too hard to yourself while creating your business plan. It’s ok if you don’t have the best answer to every question in the business plan. 

A great idea is to update your business plan at the beginning of each year. Things will change. It’s also a great lesson to look back at old plans. What turned out as you planned? What has changed? 

Writing a business plan after seeing a short example is a lot easier. So I thought I could provide a short copy of the business plan we created for our meditation center in Sweden.

Mediation Center Business Plan Example and Template

1. Vision and Goals for Your Business

Mental health issues are growing in the world. The vision of our meditation center, Rise Studios, is to create mental wellbeing for all men in Sweden. The goal of our business is to help 10 000 men to achieve better mental health. We do that by providing meditation, yoga, and other classes that help men improve their mental health. We created the meditation center because we needed the classes we teach ourselves. 

2. Meditation Industry Overview and Competitors

Our meditation center is placed in Sweden. Meditation is getting popular in the country like in the rest of the world, and meditation classes are offered at some yoga studios in my town. We offer meditation classes for men, no other meditation center is offering classes only for men. That gives a competitive advantage since we don’t provide the same meditation classes that yoga studios are teaching. 

3. Customer Analysis

We are offering meditation classes to men in Sweden. Our target group is people that want to work with their mental health together with others. Men at our classes are between 20 and 60+ years. We have people from all kinds of backgrounds. Some of our course participants have meditated before, some of them are beginners. 

3. Classes, services, and products

We are offering meditation classes, yoga, and retreats. We are not selling any products. Since our participants express their need about belonging to a community, we are also creating an online community in a private Facebook group. We quickly rose to over 100+ members. We have also taught classes online to our members. 

4. Marketing Plan

For our meditation center, we get people to our meditation class mainly by Facebook Ads. A great thing with Facebook Ads is that you can target exactly the people that you want to attend your classes. For us, that is men in Sweden that are interested in yoga and meditation, and we can show our ads for exactly that group of people. We are also posting in Facebook groups, which is great because it’s free. Besides that, we are creating content on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We have also used PR in newspaper and Radio to get attention and earn trustworthiness. The fact that we are only focusing on men has helped us a lot since it makes us different from competitors. Want to get more marketing ideas? *Here are 5 marketing ideas for your meditation classes.*

5. Operations

We like to keep things simple. We hire instructors for our classes. We pay rent, which includes cleaning and facility taken care of. Founders of the meditation centers have different roles and responsibilities. We try to arrange around our interest, and everyone is responsible for the courses and projects that they are most interested in. 

6. Financial Projections

Our meditation center did not need a lot of money in the beginning, so we funded it with our own money. We started off really small and started offering more classes as interest in our classes grew. Thing is you can start a meditation center without any money


Creating a simple business plan for your meditation center helps you create a useful strategy for your business. Keep it simple.

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